Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Losing It

Well that is what I thought anyway. 
As I got ready to leave for work today, I could not find the keys.  Searched in yesterday's jeans pockets.  Searched in jackets, even though I clearly rememembered that the last time I was in the car, I did NOT have on a jacket.  (It was that warm yesterday!)
I even went so far as to check the pockets in other jeans that I also knew full well I did not wear.  Finally grabbed spare keys and left for work. 
Called hubby to say I might be home for lunch, and to see if I dropped keys in my winter boots, which are located just below the nail I hang my kees on.  That makes them a very handy location to look when I miss the nail.  Nothing there.
Finally as I got in the car to come back to work, I looked around the seats again.  There, wedged in tight to the console, were---MY KEYS!!!
I guess it doesn't pay to look in the dark garage, when looking for lost items.
So the spare keys were left with hubby, with orders not to lose, while I grabbed my regular set and dashed back.
Who every said prayer doesn't work?  Not I.


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