Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daylight Shifting Time--Yuck!

Have I ever mentioned in this blog that I really HATE Daylight Saving Time? Probably every spring and fall since I've started this blog.
All it accomplishes is using the lights that much longer in the morning. Students have to wait for the bus in the dark. The sun won't even rise until after 8am starting next week. and of course it will be light till 8pm or after. At least that is better than mid summer when it is still daylight at 10pm. No getting to bed early then!
The sun isn't even overhead till after 2pm! What sense is there in that?

Granted, part of the problem maybe because Michigan is on the westernmost side of the time zone. At times like these I would like to do like parts of Indiana used to do (if they don't anymore--I'm not sure) and just not change. That is what the farm where my son works does. Instead of shifting the cattle over to being milked an hour earlier, they just change the milking shifts so the people come in an hour later. If we must change clocks, why can't we just adjust the time we do things?

It was bad enough when the clocks had to shift the end of April, but now we are doing it the beginning of March? Give me a break.

I hate Daylight Savings---did I mention that?

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Angie J said...

Now you see I love the Fall time Change. It's great you get to sleep in an extra hour or have that extra hour for fun stuff etc etc. It's the Spring forward stuff that bites.

Unfortunately for Indiana the same year that it was voted to change the time change hours for the rest of us weenies, Indiana voted to go along with the time change too. Some parts are on EST other parts are on Chicago time. IMHO REALLY SUCKS.

The thing is it's suppose to save on energy, but duhhhhh it's still dark out we still use power. Geesh, sometimes I think Congress likes making weenie laws so we all have something to roast over them.