Thursday, March 19, 2009

At Our New Location--Knit Nite

I haven't show the group now that we are meeting for Knit Nite at my church. Lots of room in the mission center. Lots of light, no squinting at dark yarn.

Mary brought her new spinning wheel Tuesday, that she got a REAL bargain on. A Traditional like mine. Good old farm hubby helped her tune and tighten and now it spinns like a dream.

Can you tell how the flyer and drive wheel are speeding along?

We had a good turn out--even a Knitting Knewbie--Danielle had just taught herself to knit out of a book and came to knit with us. We gave some tips and pointers, including the bit about loosening the grip of death on the yarn. Before she left she had quite a bit done, including some "design elements." Good going Danielle!

I have been working on my Pink February Lady sweater at Knit Nite, although it is getting too large and warm to work on comfortably there. I may need to wait till AC season so its cooler to finish it. I have however done lots of work on my pink sock and the gray chevron socks. See?
I did not continue the cross stitch part of the pattern after the heel, just continuing the mistake rib portion down the instep. I just may get this pair done yet, now that I have finally found a good pattern for the yarn.

The chevron is another simple, but nice looking pattern. I do not need to look at the card anymore with the chart on it. It is only a 2 row pattern, and easy to memorize.

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Angie J said...

Wow, Love that chevron sock. Ha I see you guys are corrupting another poor soul. Spindles are the way to go, not wheels. You can get a whole lot of spindles for the price you pay for a wheel, and they fit in your purse for the Doctors visits, grocery lines, or even sneaking them into back of the church. Can't do that with a wheel LOL