Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cast On!!

Well, nothing like a new project. I took the plunge again. I wanted to find a quick, fairly easy pattern, and the Sonoma Shawl was already wound and waiting in my basket to go. My MaidenShawl is a bit difficult for knitting when around others. My pink socks were at the point of needing the cross stitch section. And I just wanted to start something new.

This Sonoma Shawl was a kit I picked up at Knit Michigan this past February. The yarn is so yummy soft and fuzzy.

The colors are a bit brighter than they look on the picture, but the yarn has a wonderful bloom already. I'm gonna love this when it is done.

I started this while at Knit Night last night and have done fairly well so far. May not have been the smartest place to try to cast on, but I managed.

We also met in the Undercroft, as another place had the Mission Center. It was a bit chilly, but still a good place, once we found parking.

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