Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boxes for the Troops

Sunday, during coffee time at church, we packed some boxes to send overseas. This is about the 3rd time we've done this and the group we have sent to before are soon to be coming home from Iraq. As a result, we looked for new names. My nephew--worlds greatest 1st Lt.--is currently in Afgahnistan. Since he could not get extra names for us, he suggested sending the the chaplian at his base. So as we speak, one box for the Super Nephew, and four boxes for the chaplain are on the way now.
Our priest, looking over the contents, stated that if an army marches on its stomach, they will be able to travel a long way. Yeah, they were long on treats and sweets, and maybe a little light on other items this time, but its the thought that counts. I was sorely tempted to stick in a skein of yarn and some sock needles, but thought I would see if that one would recieve approval from the "man in the field." I did e-mail my nephew and see if he thought it would be useful to anyone.
As for my own knitting, I am approaching the heel on the cross stitch sock, and also have quite a bit done on the chevron sock. Plus I worked several repeats on the Sonoma Shawl. I hope to have that one done for Easter, so when home I am concentrating on that. More and maybe pictures later on that one.
If I spend too much time blogging, I can't spend any time knitting.

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Angie J said...

I think that's awesome you guys doing that. There's a unit from grayling shipping out and the Yarn store in Ludington's put a holler out for blankets to give their young ones as security binkies.