Tuesday, January 1, 2008

End of the Year

Probably a couple posts today. End of one year, and the beginning of the new.
I had my traditional end of the year movie and dinner day/ladies day out with some friends. We saw a total chick flick--PS I Love You. I went through a napkin and 2 tissues. But oh, what fun it was. And beautiful Irish scenery. And before the movie, lunch at a great buffet with lots of great food and variety.
And later, after Hubby came home from the local livestock auction--homemade chocolate ice-cream. Many years ago he got an electric ice cream freezer for Christmas. Now mind you, he never uses it. Its always the boys and I mixing and adding the ice, water and salt to the noisy beast every New Year's Eve. In the past I would blend up a quart of peaches and add that to the mixture, but lately the preferred flavor has been chocolate--made by just adding cocoa powder until it looks dark enough. Very scientific.
And of course watching old movies on tv. This year, TCM had a Fred and Ginger Film Festival for New Years Eve. I managed to stay up for 3: The Gay Divorcee, Shall We Dance, and Top Hat. Love those old movies.
All that, plus the ball drop in New York.

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