Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week in Review 2--Merrily We Go

And so it starts. I found out, after my day off on Thursday, that the blood bath, so to speak at work is starting. Well in a way. They are consolidating offices. One of our offices is closing next week and in order to keep her job, the girl there has to drive another 40 miles to another office. One of the drivers up north told us his commute will go from 6 minutes to 45 minutes. Needless to say, morale is down.
Earlier in the week, some of the people who are in charge of the depot and safety were in the back office where I work. The two of them started talking about his office going here and the others office will probably go there, and maybe could go here or over on that side, and we want to keep the middle of the room open. And so on, total oblivious to the fact that most of us around them are the ones whose jobs are doomed.
Afterwards, both of them realized how tactless they were (dare I say, typical men?) and both offered apologies. One was even afraid to show his face for a while.
Now we wait. I put in job applications, and field reject notes.
Such fun. Excuse me while I go knit.
That reminds me. I started the blankie to go with the cherry festival blanket. Bad match. I'll save that yarn to go with the other skeins to make me a sweater. I will need to get some that goes better with it. Maybe a solid. I hate to give another sweater without a blanket to go with it. Isn't it terrible? I may have to buy yarn?

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