Saturday, January 26, 2008

Leaving the Nest

A little time to post before I attend an afternoon genealogy on the Internet class at the local library. I haven't had much time to work on it but with unemployment looming in my future again, I may have time to spend on research again.
News on the family front. Oldest son is soon going to be moving out. We had gotten subtle hints, like Oldest Son asking about the cost of propane. But when someone at the local farm equipment shop mentioned to Hubby that Oldest Son was going to be his neighbor. When confronted, he admitted as much. His boss bought the house with a barn and a few acres. Oldest Son gets to live in the house, and apparently the barn will be rebuilt to house some young heifers. It will be a few weeks, because the water is turned off and he has no idea what is there as far as appliances and furniture and such. I may have to go shopping with him, as well as rummaging the attic.
All youngest son cares about is that there is a washer and dryer. No more doing brother's laundry.
Better go for now to eat and get ready for class.

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