Saturday, November 24, 2007

(Yawn) the Morning shift.

Youngest son had to be at work (milking cows) at 3am this morning. Since he doesn't have a vehicle to drive right now--it is kind of cold to run the moped--his father has to get up and give him a ride. AND since neither of them can get up with an alarm--guess who has to be the family alarm at 2am. You guessed it. Normally he just works the 3pm shift about 4 days a week, but his co-worker often has to pass off shifts to John. I don't mind the work day shifts, but these middle of the night milkings (that his boss calls the morning shift) are another thing. And he also is working it tonight. Ugh1
I did manage to meet my aunt and cousin and friends for breakfast at 8am, but 2 nights of getting up twice in the middle of the night make it awfully hard to get up for church. And yes, I did say getting up twice. Shortly before he gets done milking, around 4:30 to 5:30, he calls home and I have to get Hubby up again to go pick him up.
But I did manage to hit the library today, as well as take the Younger Son to Montague to get a Carhartt for his good coat. Gotta love farm boys who think a good coat is a brown canvas coat that doesn't have manure on it, at least yet. But at least it is a coat that will wear like iron.
And I finished plying the rest of the alpaca. I have 3 good skeins of the white. Maybe I will spin up the brown next.
Oh, remember the squeak I mentioned on my Louet wheel. I oiled to leather brake band and it seems to be squeak-free today. Yea.

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