Friday, November 23, 2007

Spinning up a storm

Spinning Nite also at my LYS--Spinning Wheel Yarn Shop in Fremont MI, usually is on Thursday night. Since there most of us had other plans yesterday, we bumped spinning to tonight.
Not that I hadn't been spinning yesterday. I did get all of my orange "October Skies" plied and about half of my white alpaca. Yummy. I have a squeak on my Louet S17. It seems to be in the brake or something. I may half to oil the leather brake unless someone gives me a better idea.
Tonight I took my light gray shetland with me to spinning guild. I also bought some steel colored from Angie.
Black Friday was a bit calmer than usual for me. I refrained from any notions of hitting the stores at 5am. Instead I slept till 6, hit town at 7 and was home by 10. I did a little more shopping this afternoon, and made my main purchases on line, so I am mostly done I think.
Also delivered the sweater and blanket for my nephew's baby for my brother and sister in law to deliver when they visit them this weekend.
Now the weekend and then back to the grind.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Linda, where did you get that lovely orange roving? JJ

Linda said...

It just showed up in my car one day. Funny how that happens.

Angie J said...

I'd have to hear the squeak first, but remember never to oil your bearings. Since they are self contained they've got grease all ready in them. Many times I find the squeaking in wheels comes from the bracket on the back side of the treadle.

Hope this helps. I'm putting HP 7 in the car today so I don't forget