Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Glorious Sky

What a glorious night!
It has been a good day. Thursdays are typically my day off. I and another co-worker each work 4 ten hour days, getting a day off in the middle of the week. Thursday is my catch up, run around, do errands day.
Today not much like that to do, after taking John to school. Enjoyed to cold blowy snow. Wonderful.
I did go to town early to see if I could find a new remote for the 2nd TV on our Dish. I may have to order one from Dish Network to make sure it will work. It needs to be “UHF-IR compatible.” I couldn't see where any in the store said that. I may need to go to a specialty place to get one.
Anyway, after that was what I like to call “Dinner With the Aunts.” My last two remaining aunts used to meet for lunch with Dad and we’ve kept up the tradition. It also includes a cousin and her granddaughter, a family friend that was my Dads good friend, and sometimes my husband. We meet at an area restaurant every Thursday for lunch and catch up on family gossip. We had a good group today.
Later tonight was Spinning Guild. Just Jane, Janeis and I tonight. We had a good time and I got lots done, working on my light gray Shetland. I probably have at least a couple more bobbins, maybe more of that to finish before I spin the steel color I got last week.
But, oh, when I got home tonight. I took my little poodle Gilbert out for a short run. The stars were just brilliant, the sky clear and cold. I walked out behind the garage and wood pile to get away from the lights. And oh my. I could see Orion the Hunter. And the Big Dipper hanging above the northern horizon. And even the Milky Way. Absolutely wonderful.
Way to go, God!

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