Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Could it be winter?

Be still my heart. Can winter finally be approaching? It has been cold and blowy for two days now. And although the temps have been in the upper 30's --even now at 10:00 our thermometer is reading 38.3--during the day time the wind chills have been in the teens and twenties. Snow flakes were flying and--dare I say it? I've heard rumors of accumulations beyond the fractional measurements.

Next week the weather report is even chillier, forecasts of highs in the 20s. I can't wait.

A little late for all the deer hunters. No tracking snow all firearm season. I know you city folks may think it gruesome but I love fried jump steak. I haven't had any really good venison steak in years since Phillip doesn't like. But just to prove that I come by the urge naturally, I'd like to share a picture from before I was born. It is an old clipping from a local newspaper showing 2 of my uncles behind my grandma, the deer laden car and my dad and grandpa on the other side of the car. Back then deer hunting was not politically incorrect and on this particular opening day, only Dad and grandma were unsuccessful.

But in the meantime--Come on snow!!!

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