Sunday, November 18, 2007

End of the season

Why am I picking the end of the Nascar season for my first post? Heaven knows. I have been rooting for various drivers at different times of the year, although Mark Martin remains my man. I was pulling for Jeff Gordon to get the championhip this year recently. I guess I shall have to soon pick a new favorite for the next year if Mark persists in driving only part time. I have a couple months to think on it.

My current knitting project in chief is a bordered vest. I have a charcoal grey border and am hoping I have enough of hand-dyed pink/gray-purple wool to finish it up. When I made my wallaby sweater, I had extra yarn, so I am hoping that this works the same. May the knitting muse remain with me.

This week my spinning guild will not be meeting. Thanksgiving kinda takes precedence over spinning. But while my turkey is roasting, I plan on plying my "October Sky" from Zeilingers spun on my Ashford Joy, and also my two big bobbins of white alpaca. The alpace was spun on my new Louet and I will use it for plying up everything I think. I should end up with several hundred yards so far of that.

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