Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday is Knit Nite

What a busy day. And it turned quite blustery. And, sadly, all the snow fell while I was at work.

Knit Nite was tonight. I was amazed at the crowd we had. Sock wizard Kathy was there and helping a first time sock knitter through her second sock. We even ran out of chairs. I am plugging away at my rose bordered vest and am confident it will be done well before Christmas and I can get on with my next project.

And that evil woman Jane, helped me talk myself into buying the skeiner for my Louet S-17. After plyng and winding 3 large 8 0z bobbins on my niddy-noddy, it sounded like a great idea. And she even offered to stain it to match my wheel.

I am such a push over.

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