Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Knit Nite tonight

My LYS (Local Yarn Shop for those not up on the fiber related lingo) hosts Knit Nite every Tuesday night. We knit, shop and chit-chat, not necessarily in that order.
I have learned a lot from that group, and not just gossip. My knitting related skills have improved and I have gained the courage to turn a heel without a pattern in front of me. I know how to swatch and why I should I can “wing it” and change the size on a pattern with out too much fear. I have made friends with Elizabeth Zimmerman, and Barbara Walker—or least their books. I have grown from being a knitter to being a Knitter. I can go forth without fear that only the pattern designer knows best. I may not laugh in the face of the knitting muses (after all, Murphy’s Law has not been repealed that I know of). But I know I have the skills to adapt and make patterns my own.
More work on the bordered vest tonight. I want to make good progress on it so I can start the baby sweater for my first great niechew (don’t know if baby is a niece or nephew yet!). I am going to make it in dark red hand-dyed sock yarn. A colorway called Cherry Festival. Then I have a crib blanket to know out of worsted in the same colors. Luckily my niechew isn’t due till March.

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