Wednesday, January 18, 2017


While change can be good, (in my opinions, that's a so-so thing) sometimes returning to the old stuff is ok too.  That said, it was great to return to the wide world web yesterday.  The technicians were so helpful in making sure I was fully back in service.  They replaced both the antenna and my router.  Best of all, they were giving me a month's credit, which will help pay for the new router.
Needles to say I was busy for quite a while, what with 5 days of emails, blogs I follow and a bit of Facebook to catch-up on.
Earlier yesterday though I had to dig out an old friend.  A friend I didn't want to return to.
That's right. The return of the cane.  The icy deposits did me in early yesterday.  While leaving to go to pick up Younger Son from work, at 5:30 am, I carefully avoided stepping on the frozen puddle at the bottom of the steps.  The sand Hubby had sprinkled on it was deep in the water.  So, as I often do, I stepped on the grass next to the puddle.....and promptly tried to fall.  I managed to catch myself, but in the process, twisted my knee, rather painfully.  It works, but I need to go gingerly on it.  
It is  feeling much better today.  But as long as I keep my cane handy, I can remember to go slowly.  Now I just need to remember not to turn too quickly.
With the return of my Internet, as well as my cane, I have been not getting much more done.  I do have a finished object to share, but I think I will wait until tomorrow to reveal that.

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