Friday, January 13, 2017

Darn Internet Anyway

When did I get so dependent on the Internet?  
I guess, being home all day, I just use it without thinking.  I don't cruise websites or anything like that.  But my e-mail, e-magazines and e-books need to be delivered somehow to my iPad.  I also follow a lot of blogs, knitting and otherwise that use the wifi to load onto my Feedly newsreader.  I do have a littler tablet that also is on data, but even that mostly uses wifi.  
I had noticed a lot of dropped service back in November and I wrote it off as people doing lots of online shopping.  But it has continued after Christmas and if anything is worse.  Especially in the evening, which is prime blogging time.  All that can explain partly my recent lack of blogging.
I make been in contact with my local internet provider (NCATS) and they have been tweaking at their end.  But now we are waiting for them to make a site visit to see what can be done here.  It was working a bit earlier, so I thought I would try to send out a quick update.
But never fear, my knitting has continued.  Hopefully the Turquoise Sockhead Hat will be delivered today.  And I have divided off the sleeves on the Graceful Harvest cardigan.
And last weekend, I had a chance to watch the little ones.  Watching Toy Story with Grammy while sis naps is such hard work.

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