Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Goal or Two, Or More

As I mentioned before, I don't do resolutions.  Too definite.  To much of a promise.  I prefer the term of goals.  Something to shoot for, but no harm, no foul if you don't quite reach the finish line.
That said, I skip the whole personal improvement type of goals.  Don't smoke.  Only have a wee bit of wine at New Years, then some after, to finish the bottle by the end of the month or so.  I try to improve myself and my actions with frequent "examination of conscience."  
So my goals deal with the real stuff of life: Knitting and Reading.
My knitting goals fall into a couple areas, some miscellaneous WIPs and some sweaters.  While I need to first finish my Favorite Teen's Turquoise Sockhead hat, as well as her Graceful Harvest cardigan, since they were Christmas presents these will be next to go.  The hat is well on its way, with about 3 1/2 inches before shaping begins.  
Obviously it will be extra long.  It is a slouchy style hat.  And due to the lighting conditions, it looks too green here.  It really is turquoise.  Anyway....
The WIPs goal:
  • First is to finish the Baby Hap, which is stalled on the border and will be first to be worked on, once the presents are finished.  
  • After that finish the 10 Stitch Blankie.
  • And, at least one pair of my several socks already on the needles. 
Then there is my Sweater Goal:
  • Finish the previously mentioned Graceful Harvest.
  • Find and finish my Navy Tweed Vest.  (Where did I stash that?  And the last few skeins?)
  • Finish my Bang Out A Freyja.  It was a project to have been knit last February, in the round then steeked.  I am close but not quite to finishing the body shaping.  I know where it is, but must review the pattern closely.
And Miscellaneous Knitting Goals:
  • Finish at least one project started over two years ago.  Sadly, I have several to chose from.  This may be a two- fer with a pair of socks.
  • Hold off as long as possible starting any new projects.  This may well be the hardest goal of all.
I think I will save the Reading Goals for next time.

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