Thursday, January 19, 2017

First Finished

The first Finished Object of the year, like the last project of 2016, is a hat for a granddaughter.
You may recall, before Christmas when we went shopping for sweater yarn, that my Favorite Teen mentioned needing a slouchy hat.  The Turquoise Sockhead hat fit the bill perfectly.  Being her favorite color didn't hurt either.
And it is definitely slouchy.  I want one of my own.  Which is also the problem I am having with the Graceful Harvest Cardigan that I am working on too.
It is a simple raglan sweater with a unique collar/border treatment.  It is a fast knit and I only have a few more inches to go before I start the bottom four inches of garter stitch.  I hope she likes it.
Problem is, now I want one of these too.  But it isn't on my list of knitting goals for this year.  I need to finish some other projects first.
On the bright side, here it is January 19, and I still haven't cast on anything new.  
For me, that is amazing!

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