Friday, January 6, 2017

A Few More Goals

Obviously most of my goals for this year were all about knitting.  And I almost have the Turquoise Sockhead hat to the point of decreasing.  A nice soak and blocking will soon be all that remains on that project.
However, I have set myself some goals regarding my reading habits.  
I want to track my reading this year.  I tried a regular form reading journal last year.  It was too formal and time consuming and was soon abandoned.  This year, I am just recording the name of each book read in my bullet journal, adding new sections after later months if need be..
I am also recording the genre and date finished, as well if the book was electronic or paper.
I have no trouble choosing fiction to read, even if they are heavy on mysteries.  I didn't set any specific fiction goals this year.  However I did set a few other goals.
  • A "new to me" classic that I have either never read, or at least never managed to finish.  I don't plan on wading through "Bleak House" or "War and Peace" ( they are HUGE!). But perhaps "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" by Anne Bronte.  I've never gotten more than half way on that.  Or perhaps something else. I have a bunch of hard copies, as well as e-copies of most of the Barnes & Noble Classics on my Nook app.
  • I want to re-read at least one favorite classic.  I'm thinking Jane Austen, either "Emma" or Sense and Sensibility" at the moment. It's been a while for both of them.
  • I want to read several books to help me on my faith walk, already in my library and/or wish list.
  • I would like to read a couple biographies.  I am in the middle of one on Mother Teresa of Calcutta that is inspiring and fascinating all at once.  
In my general reading, I would like to catch up on my reading my magazines.  I have e-versions of several, most notably National Geographic.  I am about seven months behind on those alone and would like to be only a month or two behind at the most.  Then maybe I can start on my back issues of Smithsonian.
In case you wonder why I read mostly electronic editions of magazines as well as books, the answer is that they are so easy to read while knitting.  It only takes a flick of a finger to turn a page.  And then they stay turned.  Paper books and magazines aren't nearly so conducive to knitting ease.

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