Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Jig is Up

This morning, at feeding time, Rocky slipped up.

He, yes I said he, opened his mouth and crowed. And then, later in the day, so did Mumps. Rocky is the black and white Barred Rock shown in back right above in this picture taken about a month ago.

Mumps is the dark one shown above again on the right. Cinder Ella is photo bombing him in the lower right, see his eye ball?

In case you were wondering about the name Mumps, remember the ear poufs I mentioned before? Below is a better picture of Cinder's. They don't show up well in photos. About half the chickens have them, but Mumps and Measles both have them and both needed names. Since Measles has spots, the dark one became Mumps.

So far, Rita is not crowing at all. And she better not.


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