Friday, June 10, 2016

Fun on the Farm

First cutting is finished and Hubby has been busily moving bales.

Even though the tractor was the "wrong" color, it still made quick work of baling all the fields. And yes, I know our tractor (an Oliver) is green, but it is green and white, not green and yellow. This year Hubby let Oldest Son and his Best Bud handle the crop. They arranged the cutting, raking, and baling and will be able to get another cutting off yet this summer.

The girls were interested in the commotion.

I say "girls" with reservations, as there has been some definite crowing going on.

Lacey says it isn't her. Actually I suspect Rocky and Rita. And possibly Measels. Rita is the dark red one shown above and on the right below.

I am going by their combs mostly, and attitude. But when I am in sight, they are keeping mum.

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