Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Farming, Hidden Knitting

The knitting on the Baby Hap is progressing nicely. I finished the purple stripe and am nearly half done with the pink. No pictures yet, it is hard to photograph all scrunched up on a circular needle. But I will try to at least get get a picture soon of a section of the edging.

I mentioned that after the baling was done, the boys wanted to get a coat of manure (AKA brown gold) on the fields.

The coat isn't as thick as the five coats sprayed on a year ago, but it is a start.

Today was my day with Little Farmer. His sister was there for most of the day now that school is out. I had taken a couple machinery catalogs that come periodically in Older Son's name and Little Farmer was fascinated.

Studying farm equipment is hard work.

"I guess I'll just take one of each Grammy."


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