Friday, June 3, 2016

Garden Anticipation

I know I haven't been on the blog as much in the past month.

Heat will do that to a person.

But the garden is in good shape. No pictures, but Hubby has 60 potato plants up and seemingly flourishing. After last night we had three squash plants in the ground plus what appears to be two more voluntary plants. (Apparently we missed a squash last year.) We also planted twelve tomatoes, three cells of violas and six bush pickle plants. We didn't get many last year. I hope we do better this year. And of course a lengthy row of beans.

And tonight, we finished with two rows of corn.

I wouldn't put it past Hubby to put in more beans and potatoes when I have my back turned though.

And so from now till after harvest, the girls need to stay in their coop. They are big enough to fend off the cats I think, but we want to keep them out of the garden.


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