Sunday, June 12, 2016

Keeping Busy

Hubby was busy yesterday, gathering up all the bales from the farthest field, ready for pickup.

Notice this is a green and white tractor.

Oldest Son and his Best Bud have since loaded the bales out. Now we wait for a possible spray of "brown gold" and then second cutting.

Like a crazy person, after Mass yesterday, I cleaned out the girls coop. It must have been that the heat weakened my senses. I should have waited a day, because the humidity is way down today and it is almost pleasant out. At times yesterday I could hardly see, with the sweat running in my eyes.

But today, while watching the race at the Michigan speedway, I managed some knitting.

Since the picture was taken, I have rounded the next corner. I like that I can easily see if I forgot to slip a stitch and go back to correct it. A very fun pattern too, The Ten Stitch Blanket.

In my off times I have also gotten back to my Baby Hap Shawl, started for the Purple Princess last October. I would like to finish it by her birthday.

The hardest thing was picking up the stitches AND getting the correct stitch count. But that has been done and I have started the 50 rows of colored Old Shale lace. I will be using purple, a rose pink, gray, and a pop of yellow. It will finish up with a sideways lace border, probably in white. The lace is easily memorized but I do still have the Tapestry Shawl for brainless knitting when needed.

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