Thursday, June 30, 2016

Live, Going at Full Tilt

I had my usual Grammy day yesterday. Toddlers like going nonstop don't they?

The toy of the day was his blue shovel, but we had time to read all of his books too. Of course, he turned pages so fast that I hadn't much chance to read, but he was enjoying it. I think he has every board book about tractors ever written.

I am steaming along on the Baby Hap. It still looks like a big sack. The last of the gray is done and I have started the pink section. Still doesn't take a good picture. Did I mention I am going to the the final lace border in purple? I found plenty of purple yarn. I was sure I had a bunch.

I did need to take a break from knitting tonight to help Hubby split firewood. We got the winter's fuel delivered this past week.

This is two or three loads. We got six all together. Most shouldn't need further splitting, but it helps to have a few that I can manage. We also run the water heater through the outside boiler, so we burn a bit all year long.

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