Friday, May 27, 2016

Knitting Through the Heat

Even in a heat wave, the knitting must go on. On Sandy's Traveling Woman Shawl, I have five rows left, then bind off. And only three of the rows are the right side, and need to be watched closely. In this heat, a large fuzzy wool shawl is more of a blast oven on the lap than two cats. I can hardly wait to be done. (Praise the Lord for air conditioning!)

But, the caked yarn is dwindling, as you can see below. I raided the stash (such a useful thing, a stash), and found some of my handspun Leicester long wool blend. The color is close as shown in the twisted skein, although it is not quite as fuzzy. If necessary, it will be a close enough match to finish the shawl. I think my yarn may have more of a sheen to it, just a bit.

And with the end of this shawl in sight, startitis may be rearing its head.

In spite of all the projects on needles already, I may have started something with the above yarn.

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