Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ear Pouffs and Shawls. (Aka: Chicks and Knits)

In my study of chickens and breeds, I learned that one of the fascinating things about the Aurancana breed is that they have pouffy feathers by their ears and no tails. While my girls all seem to have tails, I noticed recently that both my purchased Amerucanas and the crosses that were hatched by a friend's friend have little pouffs of feathers by their ears. Even the two solid black girls have ear pouffs. As they get more feathers, the pouffs just started to show. They move too much for pictures but the pouffs are there.

I also noticed that "the other black one" (not Dizzy, the other one) has developed a deep green sheen to her black feathers. Maybe some Maran in the mix?

I have spent some time with my Tapestry Hitchhiker.

The subtleties of shades and sparkles just will not photograph, but I do like the way it looks in real life. I may get the rest of the yarn for the Traveling Woman soon, so I thought I would spend some quality time with my Hitchhiker in the meantime.

And...I may have accidently ordered some yarn for a baby blanket. Oops.

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