Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bonus Post--Finished Shawl

Even though I had a previous post today and have picked up another project, I wanted to share some preliminary pictures of Sandy's Traveling Woman Shawl.

Last night, I only had a wee bit of yarn before beginning the bind off. So I wound the yarn I had dug out of my stash to use for the final cast off only.

Gertrude graciously consented to model. She feels the heat much less than I do. Of course it needs blocking and I have already passed along the blocking frame boards to Sandy to see if Robin could make a frame.

A good firm blocking should work its usual magic, accenting the points and opening the lace.

I couldn't resist a quick try on. Even if the wool room doesn't get the benefit of the air conditioning.

And now on to some of my previously started projects.

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Unknown said...

Nicely done! It looks delicate but warm! Wy is it called the traveling woman's shawl? Because the person you are giving it to is going on a trip?