Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Knit Nite Progress

Despite a gloomy rainy evening, Knit Nite went on. We moved into the nursery, as the table in the Sunday School room where we normally met had been taken for the church yard sale and was laden down with yard sale goodies.

The nursery had a lovely view, with this dogwood in the front.

I have just one more row left in the third pattern repeat of Sandy's Traveling Woman shawl. And the second ball of yarn will give me a good dent on the fourth and final repeat. Then I will just need the 18 row final edging and bind off! The final ball will be needed before then.

I think it is coming along nicely.

My traveling project is the Tapestry Hitchhiker. Since I had a doctor appointment as well as a blood test, I did get some time to work on it this week.

The colors don't show much here, with the light background washing it out. I do like the eyelets of this version though. I will try to get another photo, where the color and the metallic bits show up better.

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