Wednesday, May 18, 2016

And Then There Were Ten

Little Dizzy is no more; my flock is down to ten.

My "challenged" chicken passed away today while I was spending the day with my Little Farmer. I was only slightly surprised, as she had not progressed as well as the others. Maybe she was affected early on by the incubator malfunction. (Which was why I got five in the first batch and not 20). But she had, as I mentioned recently, begun to make her way back into the coop at night. But it is just speculation as to the cause.

One of the original five, Dizzy was one of the two solid black ones. The one with the white blaze on her/his head became Rocky.

I guess maybe Other One, as the sole remaining black chicken, will need a different name. Maybe Inky, or Cinder Ella. Yea, I think I like that: Cinder Ella.

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