Friday, May 13, 2016

Busy Busy

Since I have essentially ran out of yarn for Sandy's Traveling Woman, I have been spending some time on my Tapestry Hitchhiker.

Love the sparkles.

But before that I paid a visit to my Aunt Glenna. She wasn't in her room when I got there, so I also had time to visit a cousin and her husband who live just down the hall from our aunt. After Aunt Glenna was done hiking the halls, we went back to her room for a rousing game of Yatzee.

This time I managed to eke out a win. Visiting her seems to involve a lot of math.

Home at the coop, the girls were enjoying the early sun, as well as the grass I tossed in to entertain them.

I also spent some time in the Ravelry black hole, looking at patterns too. (Never mind the unfinished projects sitting around.). I may need a baby blanket again soon. I'm thinking, maybe, the Ten Stitch Blanket.

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