Monday, December 9, 2013


Christmas knitting continues. The hat that I had previously made for Lil'Farm Gal was a big hit, along with a sweatshirt for her birthday party. I want to make her another hat, with ear flaps for Christmas to go with the doll sweater and hat. Plus the knitting for her mom.
But the knitting isn't going down easy. I spent most of the afternoon decreasing the top of the mango hat, only to pull out the needle and rip back to just above the last cable row. I wanted to rethink the decreases. But I think I have my plan in place now.
On the other hand, Farm Gal's project may take some rethinking. I decided the light airy dove gray basket-weave scarf is still a bit dainty. She is a outdoorsy kind of girl. So I went stash diving and came up with these. In real life they look more blue and teal, and less yellow.
The current plan is to use this hand spun that was the same yarn I used for my Sporto hoodie a year ago. This yarn was plied on itself, instead of with white. I found a pattern on Ravelry for a mistake rib scarf. I'll sew a button on one end, in the middle. Then along the opposite end, I will try to work a crochet edging with loops left to use as button holes. If I make several loops, the fit can be adjustable.
That is the current plan. I'll keep you posted.

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