Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back

Before I contemplate my New Year's goals, I want to look back at what I did accomplish in 2013.
This past year was my self-declared "Year of Sweaters". So how did I do?
Not bad, even if I only ended up with half the number of sweaters for me that I had hoped. I completed 18 projects, yet only three sweaters for me. While I started the year strong, with two sweaters for me: the green romney handspun rib waist and the rustic shawl collar sweater, also out of my handspun. My third "for me" sweater didn't get cast on until October. So what happened to that strong start?
In a word--babies. Five of my nine completed sweaters were for babies. The sixth was for my new family member, Lil Farm Gal. There were two for my latest grand nephew, one apiece for friend's new babies. And there was one for my grand baby in heaven. That one has been put away with future grand baby knitting, for when the need arises.
In between all of this was baby socks, fingerless mitts, a couple hats, head bands, scarf, and doll clothes. Whew, I was busy.
All in all, not too shabby. And don't forget I have the black cardigan close to finishing. Since I had wanted to complete 6 sweaters this year, I think I did okay with that goal. They just weren't the six I had planned.

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