Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Knitting? I Think So

I haven't been one to do a lot of Christmas knitting. With my farmers in my family, they aren't keen on most of what I knit. And they certainly would not appreciate hand knits.

But with Older Son finding time to get a girlfriend (henceforth to be known as Farm Gal on the blog) with a daughter (to be called Lil Farm Gal on this blog) I have been getting the knitted gift giving mood.

I have already gifted Lil Farm Gal with a sweater, and finished a hat for her on Thanksgiving. And as always, small dog included for detail.

I then started on a pair of fingerless gloves for myself, hoping it will help with the touch of arthritis in my one hand. And I managed to finish them this evening.

I now want to make some doll clothes for Lil Farm Gal, who is getting a special doll for her birthday, and maybe even another hat. Her mother says she is always losing them. Plus I found some sale yarn that is 50% angora bunny wool, in a soft gray. Dare I attempt a simple scarf for Farm Gal too?

I mean after all, what is another unfinished project or two?

I feel the need to cast on. So if you will excuse me, I have to go play with needles.


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