Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and Beyond

Merry Christmas all!

Quiet time with family today. Now that I am not working, I have been staying close to home and getting lots of knitting done. With the Christmas knitting finished, I have returned to my black cotton cardi. Since this picture from back in September, I have added the second sleeve and even a bit more on the body.

I really like the feel of this Knit Picks Shine, in sport weight.

So just imagine this with sleeves, at this point just a long tube.

Of course, always thinking ahead, I plan to cast on soon for a doll sweater for a girl at church. I also want to make an "dolly and me" sweater set for Lil Farm Gal. She seemed to like the hat and sweater for her doll she got today. I also want to continue my Duchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan. Maybe this will be the year I finish it.

In a stroke of genius, besides the earflap hat, I gave her the ruffle scarf I made at the start of the fad. It wasn't my fashion thing. But Lil Farm Gal seemed to like it. Her mother liked her wool scarf to, pronouncing it perfect for venturing outside in this wintery weather.

So now, looking forward. Even after checking in several times, I have heard nothing from my job interview. I may have to consider myself retired and broke. Just a fat old "not quite a granny," knitting my life away. Anyone know of part time work available?


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