Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well, sleeve holes anyway.


I was fighting a stuffy throat yesterday and so instead of going to Spin Guild, I stayed home and knit. As a result, I managed to get the sleeves divided on my Black Cotton Cardigan yesterday. You can see the eyelet pattern if you look closely.

I am at the end of four out of fifteen skeins as shown above. I plan on switching to the elbow to 3/4 length sleeves when I near the end of the next skein and then possibly the neckband too. After those I can sail through to the last skein before casting off and finishing button and buttonhole bands.

Doing it that way I can get as much length as I can, if I start running low on yarn. According to the book, I may be about 60 yards short. But with the shorter sleeves, that gives me wiggle room.

Not sure if I can finish before the Knit ALong that starts in October but I am making good progress on sweater number 9.


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