Thursday, September 26, 2013

Like Comfortable Shoes

This afternoon, after Bible Study and dropping off my cell phone for some software issues (gasp, no cell phone!), I came home and sat down to some knitting and and an old movie.

Uh, you were aware I have just a bit of a passion for old movies, weren't you. And if not, where have you been?

Anyway, the movie , Rhapsody in Blue, sounded ok. I hadn't seen it before but it was based on the life of George Gershwin. I missed the very first few minutes but right away I knew I would like it. The actors were some I remembered from some great movies. Well, I hadn't seen many with Robert Alda, but there was Joan Leslie (Jimmy Cagney's wife in Yankee Doodle Dandy), and Rosemary DeCamp (his mother in the same movie). And there was grumpy old Charles Colburn, and Oscar Levant, equally grumpy.

Great music! As I expected when it was about Gershwin. And by the time Alexis Smith came on, as usual playing the dame I love to hate, it was as though I had slipped on a comfy old pair of shoes.

I love old movies. Or did I already say that?

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