Monday, September 9, 2013

Joy and Dismay

First the joy. I am always delightfully surprised when my friends mention something about my blog. When someone I don't know posts a comment, I am completely go smacked that they read my blog!

Today was a gobsmacking day. There was a comment on yesterday's post about the Mystery KAL. (You know who you are, and thanks.) There are buttons listed on the supply list. That more than likely means a cardigan. Yea! I remember reading about buttons, that that fact flew right over my head in my worry. No worry, and I can't wait to start.

In the meantime, work continues on Grace's Wallaby. And rework as well. I had decided to work on it at Spin Guild today, instead of taking my wheel. I had started the hood and had progressed about four inches or so. Then, for no reason, it occurred to me. I had forgotten to increase after the ribbing. (That's the dismay part.)


The other gals commiserated and suggested increasing there, and not ripping back. But I bit the bullet and removed the needle. Then before ripping, I carefully picked up the purl bumps on the first row of garter stitches. After that I frogged back and added the increases.

So I am back on the good again. A bit sadder, but hey, I did find more knitting.

Cat photo of my Leo included for no good reasons.


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