Sunday, September 8, 2013


I have read on some of the blogs I follow about KALs, or Knit-ALongs. I thought they sounded like fun but like to control my projects, especially what and when I knit. I don't mind an occasional hiccup, like an unexpected baby. But for the most part I like to plan my projects.

So when I saw that Craftsy was offering an October Mystery Knit Along I was tempted enough to read further. The online instructor, Carol Feller, was one that I had enjoyed in a class on short rows. She lives in Ireland and I love her accent. The KAL project was a mystery sweater she designed and the KAL included the yarn. She also has some patterns I like, Irish/Celtic type. It would be something challenging.

The yardage per skein of the yarn with the mystery kit made me quite sure I knew the brand and line of yarn (I am such a yarn snob), and it was one I liked.


So I bit the bullet and ordered the kit. And then the doubts started. What if the yarn for a fall project was yellow or orange? I never wear those colors. I tried to tell myself that as a creative arts company, Craftsy would recognize that and pick a neutral color. But then I thought...eek! What if it's white? I would look like a marshmallow wearing it. I reminded myself that I was challenging myself.

And yesterday this came in the mail. A delightful neutral. And just the kind of yarn I thought it would be.

Now all I have to worry about is if the pattern is a cardigan. Or at least a pattern I can turn into a cardigan. I can't wear cardigans for any length of time. And I probably won't know till October. Just the wait may be a challenge.



Inisfada said...

I think that it will be a cardigan. The material list includes 8 or 9 buttons depending on the size and the desired closeness of the buttons. I like you, like to work at my own pace but I love carol feller and look forward to the project. My one worry was the color but now I am not worried. Thanks for posting. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow!

Linda said...

I totally missed that. I remember reading about buttons, but it didn't sink in. Whew.