Monday, September 16, 2013

And Onward We Knit

So now that I have finished and delivered sweater number 8 for the year, it is on to the next sweeter. Since I won't have the pattern for the October Mystery sweater until October (hence the name), I turned once again to the black cotton.

As I stated earlier, I frogged the tee. I mean black, cotton, stark stockinette on dark size 2 needles. What was I thinking? The repurposed yarn utilized into a eyelet cardigan on size 5 needles is knitting up much better. Especially with the lighter colored needles.

The white threads only serve to highlight the raglan seams while knitting, as well as keeping the stitch markers from falling off. They come out when the sleeves are separated off. Here is a close up of the eyelets.

Since this top down, there will be a garter row above each eyelet row, which are seven rows apart. I am using Ann Budd's book, the Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters, using the raglan directions with my stitch pattern, and extra ease in front.

I'm not sure I can finish it before it is time for the October Mystery but I can keep knitting as fast as I can till then.

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