Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trouble Coming

As they say, Michigan really only has two seasons, winter and road construction. And that certainly holds true for my town. No sooner than the streets cleared of snow, during our first of several false springs, than the city workers started tearing up the streets. And it looks like they are at it again.

Outside our front door at work Friday was a note stating the alley would be closed starting Tuesday. Then when I left, out the back as usual, these were parked along the alley, in our handicapped parking area.

And I can't really say it was a surprise. There has been paint markings all along the alley in the last couple weeks. And the sidewalk is somewhat uneven. But it is already hard to get from one end of town to the other with all the construction already going on.

The note promised the construction would be done by the middle of July, when the National Baby Food Festival begins. They said that last year when the other end of the alley was torn up. They were still messing around there this spring.

It may be a long summer.

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