Saturday, May 18, 2013

Second Part, Just Like the First

I have finished the second half of the babies and bears cardigan.  Although I probably should not call them halves.  There is still a bit of knitting to be done.
The back panel is next.  Then hood and edging all around.  Easy peasy.
Well, except for the back panel that has to be grafted to the other side.
But on the brighter, non-knitting front, I hope to soon be off dial-up and on wireless.  NCATS, the county technology services is coming to s3e if we can get a signal on Monday.  They say I should be able to get a signal, so here's hoping.  Maybe I can start blogging via laptop again, or at least with the iPad.
And now, back to knitting and NASCAR.  It is the All-star race tonight.

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