Friday, May 24, 2013

Starting is a Good Thing

I am trying to ignore the WIPs gathered around my knitting chair. The Duchess of Cambridge sweater will not be ready to face the birth of a new princeling. I have a pair of socks waiting the second half. And in this year of sweaters, I also have a gansey cardigan ready for me, just waiting for me to get back to it. Plus several shawls. But those have been banned this year. (Year of Sweaters, remember?)

Instead, I am starting something new. With my birthday discount at The New Ewe, I got a huge skein and a pattern called the Hapi Wrap. It is a large swath of Old Shale Lace. It looks like a ruana style wrap, but since the sides are sewn up, I can consider it a vest, and a vest is a type of sweater. Right? Like I said before, I can make my own rules for my Year of Sweaters. And I say it qualifies!

I would tell you more about the yarn but the labeled is wrapped inside the 1200 yard ball. Which the labeled said to handwind. So I did. I think it is a rayon yarn. Great shine.

I didn't want to waste time or yarn with a too long or too short tail. So I browsed my copy Cast On Bind Off.

The 54 method book.

And I found this.

The book called it a Double-Twist Loop Cast on. Firm but elastic. And no tail required. Now to cast on over 200 stitches. I should have it down pat by the time I'm done.

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