Monday, May 13, 2013


Even I am beginning to think it is time for a bit warmer weather.  Yeah, I know.  But yesterday's snow was a bit much for May.  And let's not even talk about last night.
With a projected "hard freeze" from the local weatherman, I was resigned to once again having no or at least few lilacs.  I love lilacs but my bush is jinxed. 
Having moved to one of the few lilac-less farms in west Michigan, I planted one early on.  The first never survived Older Son learning to drive the lawn mower.  The second has survived, despite having the same son's friends driving and parking over it.  And Hubby came very close to it while pushing back the snow from the driveway.  Several times.
And there is the Michigan springtime weather.  It was fooled last year, along with area fruit trees, by the hot March, followed by a cold April.  But this year it was loaded with buds.
Buds on the verge of popping into full bloom.
Then, last night we got down to 21.2 degrees.  Yikes.
But hopefully my lilacs may have a chance.
Hubby set up a sprinkler on it for a while last night.  We are hoping it works like the ice that can save oranges in Florida.
I'll keep you posted.

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