Friday, June 29, 2012

Hard Working Farmers

 I finally got a chance to view this video on YouTube.  It is called
I'm a Farmer and I Grow It.
It is a subject dear to my heart as both Hubby and Oldest Son are hard working farmers.
I have many farmers in my family.  If you haven't heard of this video, take a look.  It was made by three brothers on a farm in Kansas and it is priceless.
And as we head into the hottest weather of the summer, remember these hard working men and women who are out in the heat doing their best to put bread, meat, fruit and vegetables on your table.
Say a little prayer for them, and when you see one, thank them for all they do. 

1 comment:

oak haven alpacas said...

I love that video!!! it's great :)

Not only are they farming and they grow it, but they work hard and love what they do. Great role models!!