Sunday, June 17, 2012

Plying Catch Up

As I mentioned earlier, I had a bit of spinning waiting to be plied.  So today, I sat down with my NASCAR buddies (Yea Junior!!) and plied up a storm.  
I showed you the full bobbins I had.  Some light pink/beige I got from Yarn and a Tale at West Branch a couple years or more ago.  I can't remember the fiber--Corridale perhaps.  I'll have to look for the tag in my spinning guild bag  The green is from Sassy Red Ewe, raised and dyed by her as well.  I think I had 2 pounds of it.  There is was another three bobbins on the lazy kate of the green, but two were partials.  It made a total of 14 bobbins ready to ply.
The lone red bobbin is some more overdyed Islandic; the last of two pounds I purchased several years ago. And then there is the gray.  That is some of my Jacob wool.  A friend from church gave me three bags full of Jacob fleeces.  Well actually more than that, but I found other owners for some of it.  I ended up with 13 pounds, before cleaning.  I finished spinning the small bag, but more than two thirds is still left to spin.
And by the end of the race, this is what I had:
 Five, count them Five empty bobbins.  Granted two were the partial greens that were on the kate, but I emptied them.  I also got two large and one baby of the pink/beige and two large green skeins.  I already had three skeins of the green.  And with two full and two partial green bobbins left, I thinking sweater quantity.
 I originally bought this to try to spin for socks.  This is way too soft and light colored for that.  I could make a scarf or hat of it.  Perhaps even mittens.  I will have to think on it, as this is all I have of this color.  It was some of the wool I unearth when organizing the wool room this summer.  I love finding things I've buried and forgotten.  It is approximately worsted weight.  I am never very good at the wraps-per-inch, but that is what it looks like.
This green I am also loving.  Softer than I thought it would be when spun, a lofty worsted weight.  It will be a great sweater.
And I have bobbins for Spin Guild tomorrow again.

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