Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crisis Averted

Check out the picture below.  Count carefully the stitches on the needle.  Eight!
So how did I save my Ruffly Joy scarf from being frogged into oblivion?  Basically the same thing I tried at home, but with better light.  And at Knit Nite.
I went down about three inches or so and pushed the ruffles up out of the way so I could see the actual stitches.  And there they were, all eight.  Taking one end of the needle, I picked up one leg of each one of those puppies.
Then I quickly tied the cable in a knot and put a point protector on each tip.  Then I wound up the yarn I had to unravel and packed it all away in the bag. 
Next time that project is in my hands, before I even untie the cable, I will be running a lifeline through those stitches.
I am KNITTER!  I will not bow down to defeat. 

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