Wednesday, June 29, 2011

They're At It Again

I'm not sure if the problem is me or Blogger, or maybe the most recent
version of Internet Explorer.
I sucessfully wrote up several posts the other day, with pictures and
all went through just fine. Then Monday night, nothing would save and
all was garbled. (So my spelling isn't as bad as sometimes posts?
Maybe.) I couldn't even get the title to autosave without freezing.
Since I have the same problems uploading pictures on Ravelry, I
thought maybe that was part of the problem, but since everything else
works there, I am inclined to blame the saving problems on IE.
So some great pictures and absolutely wonderful posts have been
deleted, as what does eventually post and what I typed seem to often
have no similarity at all. I tried to report to Google/Blogger, and
it was very difficult to find where to report a problem.
So, if this posts ok via e-mail, great. Otherwise, I'm not sure how
long I can continue to post, if postings all have to be e-mailed or
through the phone. If nothing else, there won't be many pictures if I
do have to post that way.
Are any other bloggers having this problem?

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Oak Haven Alpacas said...

Linda - I have had a lot of problems posting pictures specifically. And with a dial-up connection, pictures are painful to say the least, but to wait and wait and wait and have them not post, is even worse. I found if I kept trying eventually it would work right, but it took many tries. I'd end up spending way too much of my day on it, unfortunately.