Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life Goes On

Well, I have mostly recovered from the trauma from yesterday. (See previous post, if you missed that.)  I still have a box of stuff--projects, books, patterns, magazines to sort out but somewhat back to normal. 
Today, I made what will probably be my last last major item for a while.  And it wasn't much more than a couple pounds of roving.
A new for me dishwasher. Cyndie  mentioned at spinning a couple weeks ago that they were finally redoing her kitchen and getting all new appliances. She said the old ones were ok, but she was getting new for the new kitchen. So I asked if she had a rolly around dishwasher on wheels, fully expecting, like most people, she had a built in. But..... she did have a portable dishwasher available.
Or least it was available only until I could say sold! My old one had to be filled manually, 2 ice cream buckets per cycle, and some of the racks were rusting through. I had been looking around, and had others checking Habitat stores for a good used portable one.
The price was right, and finally, it was ready for pickup today.
I love it, and it runs great. Thanks Cyndie.

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